Woodcrop 2014

We are getting ready for Woodcrop, 3 Days of Fun and Scrapbooking.  There is a lot to do but what we are most anxious about is seeing all of you again, Woodcrop color w_red borderand meeting new croppers. 

If you have not done so already, go to our website and register. We have 3, 2 and 1 day crop registrations now available. Make sure you have a Group Seating Form filled out for all your cropping peeps. Have one lead person fill it out after all have registered.

Things to start getting together before Woodcrop:

– photos, paper, embellishments, stamps, ink, basic tool kits, well, you know, all the scrapbooking stuff you need.
– a jacket (It can get cool. Yes, we are in southern LA but the AC is on.)
– money for vendors – scrapbooking and food, and for classes
hotel reservations
– your cool threads – bell bottoms, fringe vests, headbands, loose cotton blouses, maxi skirts, sandals, smiley buttons, round glasses, etc.
– extension cords
– seat cushion (although the seats are padded)
– mp3 player (We may be playing some music in the halls but at a low level.)
– walking shoes if you like to take a walk to clear your head
– umbrella (Again, we live in southern LA.)
directions to the Castine Center if this is your first time here
– camera
– if you have not developed your photos yet, a thumb drive, jump drive or laptop. There is a Walgreen’s down the street.
– friends that are new croppers that scrapbook
– old friends that scrapbook

Prepare yourself for:
– a great time with friends
– delicious food
– shopping for new items are things you run out of like adhesive and ink
– learning new techniques
-getting some layouts or projects completed

If you have any questions, send us an email – scrapdatproductions@gmail.com or call Beth at (985) 898-2251.

Looking forward to seeing you!