So much fun and creativity packed into one weekend!!!


Thank you to all our friends who made our events so special. We will miss you.

So you craft. You scrapbook, paint, sew, make jewelry, make cards, create floral arrangements, cut and press vinyl, make signs, paper craft, make wreaths and so much more. And you can work at home but that gets crazy or you fit time in to create between dinner and bedtime, if you can stay awake. You want to do things but time, space and frankly others, sometimes, makes it hard.

Well, we are here to help you on your journey. Scrap Dat. That’s right. Originally a scrapbooking retreat event is now promoting all crafts. Scrapbooking is still very near and dear to our hearts and we estimate most attendees are scrapbooking or cropping but we want other crafters to feel at home at our events. We find that most attendees dabble in other crafts, not just one, so why not have a place to go to be inspired, shop, take classes to learn new techniques and work on projects.

Scrap Dat is a 48 hour event, held for 3 days, from 8 am – 12 midnight daily. Come with your friends or make new ones as you relax, create, learn, shop, eat, maybe even get a massage while working on memories to projects, gifts to sellable wares.

Register online or download a registration form and mail it in. You’ll not want to miss Scrap Dat! And if you register for a 3 day weekend, by August 31, 2021, you are eligible for a cash drawing for Early Birds!

What You Need To Know

Here is what is in store for Scrap Dat C­rop.

  • 48 hours of cropping time
  • 10 square feet* of cropping space with space between tables for small tables or your multiple bags
  • Great vendors with awesome product
  • Classes
  • Door prizes
  • Goody
  • T-shirt (only for registered croppers, not shoppers. Shoppers may purchase t-shirts.)
  • Contest TBA
  • * Extra table space available – get a whole 8″ table, 20 square feet for an additional cost!

Be sure to sign up soon.

We have enough room at present to seat 100 attendees in one hall. If we get 110-130  we can possibly get another hall.

Group Registration

If you have a group that you would like to sit together at the event, please fill out the Scrap Dat Group Seating Form and send it in to us. You can fax it to (407)517-4387, email it to or mail it to 6 Laurel Oak, Covington, LA 70433.


So, you may be asking, what are the costs and how can I register?

You can register online or download a form, fill it out and send it in with your payment. You will chose the number of days you want to attend, t-shirt size and if you’d like any additional shirts or table space.

The costs in the table below are tentative for our fall 2021 scrapbooking and crafting event.

NOTE: Pricing could possible change a bit due to COVID19 regulations. We will notify you if this happens.


For those who pay in full by August 31, 2021, online by 12 midnight, your name will be entered into a drawing for cold cash. Only full weekend 3 DAY crop registrations will be eligible. If you are mailing in your Scrap Dat Registration form the postmark date must be August 31, 2021, or before. The drawing will take place at Scrap Dat on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

Register now

You can register online or download a  Scrap Dat Registration form in 2021.

Crop # of DaysCrop Only, No Meals
3 days (TH, FRI, SAT)$135
2 days (TH & FRI) $105
2 days (FRI &SAT)$105
2 days (TH & SAT)$105
1 days (TH, FRI or SAT)$70


Please know that if you pay in full and can not make the crop 30 days or more before the crop, we will refund all but $30 from your paid amount. After 30 days, we will refund half of what you have paid up until 1 week before the crop. If you cancel within a week of the crop, there is no refund available.

If there is an emergency, please contact us. In the event of bad weather or natural disaster, should the crop be partially or totally cancelled, the registration will not be refunded. Please understand that we need to pay for many of the expenses up front based on the number of people who register. The weather and natural disaster clauses exist in our contracts. If it is possible, we will try to make some accommodation for you based on a future crop or some type of a refund. Your registration assumes you have agreed to these terms.

If due to Covid restrictions, we have to cancel, we will refund all but $20 from registrations to cover expenses incurred prior to the crop. Thank you for your understanding.

Scrap Dat Crop Photos


In May 2014, our first crop, Scrap Dat, was held in Mandeville, LA at the Castine Center. It was a great success. We determined there that we must have another crop in the fall.