Less Than 6 Weeks Away

Can you believe that Scrap Dat is less than 6 weeks away? That was just realized. This means:

– National Scrapbooking Day is 6 weeks away (May 3)

– You need to register if you have not already!

– Planning and packing must begin.

– Photos need to be printed.

– Photos need to be taken. Think Easter, Prom, Awards Banquets, Easter Egg Hunts, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, summer vacation

– How about first lost tooth, first steps, first date?

– Think of everyday things that you cherish to scrapbook

– Collection of embellishments or ancillary items needs to take place: tickets, cards, beads and doubloons, flyers, maps, programs, you get the idea

– Send in your Group Seating Form

We will send out more reminders as we get closer. While you all are doing the above and more, we will be finalizing things on our end, working on the seating chart, creating the t-shirt, planning the menus with the food vendors, and so much more. Check the website for registration dates for 2 day crop and single day crop registration as well as shopping passes.

Gotta run. Have a lot of things to do now that we mention all of this!




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