Dis and Dat

This beautiful weather has us wanting to plant gardens, clean out closets, play outside with the kids, grandkids, pets or all of the above.

We hope you are getting ready to scrapbook, shop, learn, eat, laugh and have fun. That all comes after you get to Scrap Dat. Have you done everything you need to do before you get here?

Here is a helpful  checklist:

___ If you have not registered, there still is time. Go to the Registration page and get busy!

___ Book a place to stay if you are from out of town, and have your driving directions.

___ Pack comfy clothes, shoes and a jacket. Don’t forget your toiletries and medication.

___ Download your tunes and pack your mp3 player and headphones. We may have music throughout the hall through the av system.

___ Print photos and packing a thumb drive of photos you may want or need to print while here.

___ Pack page protectors for your finished layouts.

___ Bring your cash, debit and/or credit cards.

___ Pack scrapbooking stuff you want to put on swap table. Please no old, musty, or damaged items. No magazines unless recent 2013-2014.

___ Pack cutting machine and small table. Bring an extension cord, (The Castine Center will tape your cords down.) and a laptop too if needed. The Castine Center is locked and alarmed when we are away.

___ Pack a cup holder, cup and seat cushion, although the seats are padded.

___ Put together all items that you need to make each layout either in a folder or plastic pages to make a kit.

___ Pack all supplies: tool kit, cutter, papers, embellishments, inks, sta√mps, paint, brushes, ribbon, magazines or photos of layouts.

___ Phone charger.

___ Get lots of rest before you come because you will be up a long time while you are being creative and having fun.

If you need or want some new supplies we have vendors that can fit your needs. If you forget your toothbrush or some other important item, we have many drug stores and super stores where you can shop. If you just have not had the chance to get photos printed, there is a Walgreen’s down the street from the Castine Center. We also have CVS, Wal-Mart and Sam’s.

Have a great weekend and start getting ready to go to Scrap Dat. We’re waiting for ya, dawlin.

_√_ Checklist made for Scrap Datters. 🙂

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