How do I register?

You can register online on the Registration page.  There should only be one registration per cropper.

Make sure you bring your confirmation page. If you pay with an account that does not have your personal name on it, please write down the name that is on the account so we can reference that if need be.

You can download, print out and fill in a registration form and you can pay by credit card.

How do I register offline?

If you want to fill out the registration form by hand, you can download the Scrap Dat Registration form,  fill it out and send it along with your check or money order made out to Scrap Dat Productions. Your check must clear before your registration is final. (Note: If a check is returned due to NSF, a $35 fee will need to be paid.)

My friend asked me to sign her up. Can I do that?

Sure. As long as you have all of her information that is requested on the form and that you pay for her. Each one of you may only sign up per one registration form.

How do we have our group seated together?

Each 8 foot table can seat 2 people. Then we put two 8′ tables facing each other to create a group of 4. We can try to seat 8 croppers together in a group. If your group is larger than 8, we can seat croppers in the next set of tables closest to the full 8. The group will need to send in a Scrap Dat Group Seating Form. We will need to know the name of your group and who the contact person or group leader is for the group.

Fill out the Group Seating Request Form after all group members have fully registered. Groups that have decorations can put them up as long as they do not impede in others work space or the aisles of the hall.

May we seat by a vendor or near a facility?

We can try to accommodate you but it will be at whomever requests first and the availability of crop space.

What if I want to come for only a half day?

A half day is considered a full day in registration.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please know that if you pay in full and can not make the crop 30 days or more before the crop, we will refund all but $30 from your paid amount. After 30 days, we will refund half of what you have paid up until 1 week before the crop.

If you cancel within a week of the crop, there is no refund available.

If there is an emergency, please contact us. In the event of bad weather or natural disaster, should the crop be partially or totally cancelled, the registration will not be refunded.

Please understand that we need to pay for many of the expenses up front based on the number of people who register. The weather and natural disaster clauses exist in our contracts. If it is possible, we will try to make some accommodation for you based on a future crop or some type of a refund. Your registration assumes you have agreed to these terms.

Please note that due to Covid restrictions, meals are not offered at this time. If we find we are able to offer meals, we will notify you of the choices before the event.


Where can we stay?

There are many motels available on the Northshore. (www.louisiananorthshore.com/lodging/hotels_motels.php)

Best Western – 190, Covington near I-12
Clarion – Hwy 190, Covington near I-12
Comfort Inn – off of Hwy 190, Covington near I-12
Country Inn & Suites – off of Hwy 190, Covington near I-12
Courtyard by Marriott –  Hwy 190, Covington near I-12
Hampton Inn – Mandeville, Hwy 190 Service Road
Holiday Inn Express – Covington, off LA 21 S  and I-12, next to Sam’s Club 
Holiday In Express – Covington off I12 and Hwy 190, close to Copeland’s 
Homewood Suites – Hwy 190 Service Road off I-12, Covington
LaQuinta – LA 21 N off of I-12
Residence Inn – off of Hwy 190, Covington near I-12
Staybridge Suites – off of Hwy 190, Covington near I-12

Are there places to camp or park a RV?

Check out www.louisiananorthshore.com/lodging/campgrounds.php
Fairview Riverside State Park, way down on Hwy 22, Madisonville
Fontainebleau State Park, right down the street from the Castine Center

Will there be vendors at Scrap Dat crop where I can buy supplies?

Oh yes! They will have the basics and some of the newest product on the market. Check back for our vendors.

Will there be classes or workshops?

There will be classes available. Vendors will have classes at their booths. Check back occasionally to see what will be offered.

Can I display and sell at Scrap Dat?

The Castine Center requires we register all vendors at Scrap Dat. The vendors pay to be at the crop.

If you would like to sell anything at the crop, you will need to pay a vending fee and become a vendor. We ask that you do not display items for sale or that you could or do make for purchase at your table. We will have to ask you to discontinue or have you pay the vending fee. We hate doing this so please don’t.

Please contact Beth at scrapdatproductions@gmail.com if you would like to be a vendor. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

May I sell my crafts?

No, sorry. The Castine Center requires anyone who sells product to be a licensed vendor. Vendor pay fees to vend and we pay the Castine Center for each vendor’s space. If you would like to be considered a vendor, please contact us.

What kind of food will be served?

NOTE: This is typically what we offer but due to Covid restrictions we may not have meals available in registration. If we are able to offer meals, we will notify you.

We know that some of you do not like to leave the event while you are busy creating so this event, as at our  event, we will be offering pre-paid meals in the registration. We have selected meals from po-boys, bbq sandwiches and pizza to Italian dishes and Mexican dishes. We have an option for you to select salads for each lunch and dinner if you desire. All food is delivered or picked up from local restaurants.

The choices for meals are lunches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and dinners on Thursday and Friday. All meals must be paid in the registration prior to the event. No money can exchange hands in the Castine Center.

If you want to just pay for the event, and no meals, that option is available. If you want meals, you can register for number of days you are attending and then select if you want lunches only or lunches and dinners.

May I bring my own food?

Yes, but know that there are no refrigerators or microwaves available.

May I bring my child?

We ask that you not bring your child under the age of 10. If you have a child over 10, they need to be registered for the crop to attend.

May I shop only?

Yes you may, but you must sign up and pay to shop. The fee is $5. Only small strollers will be allowed if shopping with children.

Should I bring my cutting machine?

Yes if you need to use it. We may have a Cricut cutting machine available at the crop.

Bring an extension cord. The Castine Center employees can help tape down cords.

May I bring music?

Sure, but we prefer you use headphones. Small speakers may be used if the music does not carry from your table. Music tastes vary and while Frank Sinatra is a classic to some, the same is felt about AC/DC or PDiddy to others. We may be playing music in the crop room but at a decibel that is as background music.

Please be considerate so that you are not disturbing your neighbors. It is not pleasant for us to ask you to turn down your music should others complain and we are sure you don’t want us asking either.

What should I bring?

We see a lot of different things people bring to crops. It really is up to you. Keep in mind how large of a space you have – half of an 8″ table, so 2 1/2’ of depth and 4’ of width. You will have someone next to you and across from you. In between the tables we will have room for small tables and bags.

If you pay for additional table space you would have an 8′ table that is 2 1/2′ wide. The cost is $100.

Bring your photos, special embellishments, stamps and ink, basic supply bag, ribbon, well, you know what you have. It may be good for you to plan ahead of time what you want to crop. You can get some 2 gallon plastic zip bags, put your paper, photos, souvenirs like tickets or brochures, embellishments, letters, and whatever else you have to create that layout, and put in the bag. Make a diagram of the layout you want to use, or bring in a magazine, print from your computer or Pinterest account of how you want to crop the pages. This way you will get more done AND you will save space at your table.

Here are some things that you may not have on your list:

– a jacket or sweatshirt (It can get cold in the hall.)
– spending money for vendors and classes
– mp3 player and earphones
– extension cord/s and power strip/s
– snacks
– lamp like an Ott light
– a seat cushion, although the seats will be padded
– drink holder, if you have one
– trash bucket, if you have one
– chargers: phone and laptop
– pencil sharpener
– sheet protectors or box for finished pages
– decorations for your table, if you wish

May I advertise an event?

All events that wish to be advertised need to be brought to us for approval before any information is distributed. Contact us at scrapdatproductions@gmail.com for approval or at the crop. Please do not distribute information without approval.

Will there be a swap table?

Yes. Bring things that you would like to give away to others that are decent. Please do not bring damaged items, or old musty items. Please only bring scrapbooking related items.

I want to be kept informed about all Scrap Dat Production’s events. How can I do that?

Go to the space below, our Home page or Contact page and fill out your information in the Email Sign-up form.


Will there be vendors at Scrap Dat crop where I can buy supplies?

Oh yes! They will have the basics and some of the newest product on the market. Check back for our vendors.

Will there be classes or workshops?

There will be classes available. Vendors will have classes at their booths or in the scrapbooking and crafting workshop area. Check back occasionally to see what will be offered.

Is there a place to smoke?

Yes, outside there are designated areas.

Is there anywhere to walk or run?

Pelican Park is a recreational park. There are fields for most ball sports.Pelican Park has 2.2 miles of paved walk/run paths and a 1.4 mile health trail with stations.

May I leave my car overnight?

Pelican Park would prefer you do not leave your vehicle but if need be, it should be locked. Scrap Dat Productions and/or Pelican Park assumes NO responsibility should anything happen to the vehicle.

Is there a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby near by?

Yes, off of I-12 W, at exit 60. We encourage you to take a look at what our vendors who are selling at Scrap Dat before you head out. They have a lot of general supplies and also new items that the big stores do not carry.

Where can I pick up photos?

There is a Walgreen’s, 2050 Florida Street, Mandeville 70448 (985) 951-7282 close to the Castine Center. There is a CVS, 1695 Highway 59, Mandeville, LA 70448, (985) 626-8818. Walmart is close to the motels in Covington, 880 N Hwy 190, Covington, LA, (985) 867-8701.

Is there an ATM machine in the Castine Center?

No. There is a Whitney Bank on Florida Street near Pelican Park.

May I spray anything in the crop?

You may spray alcohol inks in a box or large trashcan. If you intend to spray something large, over 12 x 12, you will have to do that outside. Also, if what you are spraying is paint or varnish, the item should be sprayed outside regardless of size.