Casting Call

I just looked at the calendar. Today is September 1, 2015. When did that happen? The kids have been in school almost a month. We are already packing for a Labor Day weekend. And Scrap Dat’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, SCRAPBOOKING is 16 days away.

We are planning away for a fun crop. The layout for the crop needs to be done this week. Soon we will need to place a t-shirt order. Goodies need to be purchased and assembled. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, we need you to register if you have not already. Some of the registrations we have received have names of other possible croppers for seating requests but those people have not yet registered.

If you know of someone who is planning on going to the crop, please let them know they need to register.  Or maybe you are on the fence about attending (oh come on, you know you want to go) and have not registered yet. Please register soon so we can get our counts in.

Stay tuned for information about the crop. Rumors are a buzz about dress up night, contest and awards given out throughout the crop. If you have any questions, send us an email –

See you at the corner of Hollywood and Vine!